Hazy Forest

by Belefold

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released June 14, 2012

Tenor sax: Adam Taylor
Percussion help: Jake Oliver
Whistling: Edwin Ladronde
Everything else: Landen Raszick



all rights reserved


Belefold Gainesville, Florida

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Track Name: Perfect
I'm leaving, but only for a while
I'm bored and infantile, I feel useless
and this city, one day the wood will rot
we try to keep this up, it all seems worthless

lately I'll take any stupid job
just to take a foreign walk
just to be something I'm not
and I'm waiting for any sign of god
to show that there can be something perfect
Track Name: Opening
The trees spread warmly
A path out of nothing
The forest parts before me
God, what is happening?
Track Name: Impression
I'm in a dream
I can see energies
I know I might not make it
but I'll try
Track Name: Radiance
I saw creatures passing by
I silenced myself and asked why
there seems to be some mistake here
I don't belong, I won't be long

flowers showering
what I used to fear was now all so clear
who put heaven right here?
no this can't be here no this can't be can't be here

I cooed and cowered and hurt
I thought the divine was mine
but I was blinded by fear
though it wasn't my own, no it wasn't my own
Track Name: In the Trees
High in the trees they're watching me
right at my back, I feel their breathing

Everything was just wonderful
when did these devils start to come?

Take me home
Track Name: Gray
I can't run anymore
I can't hide anymore
There's a space in front of me
waiting for my body

my family must know something's wrong
see how I withdraw
but I'm already gone
Track Name: Half-light
From the leaves, they spiral down
slowly spinning, they tumble out
into neat little piles on the ground
they're just alive
Track Name: Lay my Body Down
I lay my body down...
on the soft ground

I lay my body down...
I give my flesh to the worms and fungus

look at where I am...
how can I let myself miss this?

I don't believe in god
no I never believed in god
I said the words but I was faking

and I am so scared
I'm always so fucking scared
they reel from what was always there
they leave themselves in disrepair
I'm a waste and I don't care
I was never there

What is this feeling overtaking me?
Track Name: Hidden
Dark under a sea
They won't get me...
Deep into the brush
They can't see us...

Things start to look strange
they don't remain, nothing remains
Sure steady and slow
tough to let go...
Days hard to get by
they don't know why...
Smiles pass in waves
they do not stay...
Track Name: The Glade at the Center
Now I think, now I'm sure
this is what I was waiting for

I can see with such clarity
I see myself in so many places

I have been here long enough to see
I am nothing, and nothingness is me
we are spirits, rising from the trees
going nowhere,
trying to remember the reasons why we came